Some Of the Things, I enjoy, During our Playdate!

So, fellas, I really am open to a whole lot of different playtime fun, from mild to wild. There’s not to many things that I’m not up for. Safety is first and foremost. I provide a safe environment, in which to explore. We have bodies, that are capable, of giving and receiving, intense pleasure. Given the right mood, circumstances, and, personal chemistry, much more than that.

Before asking if I’m GFE….please, gentlemen, talk a quick look at the definition.


Since different seem to put a different spin on that word. There is no mention of bare services, and, is more about having a more connected and, and, having a more intimate experience. Please, check the link out. I believe a lot of men have been mislead or, have made up their own meaning

Our bodies, wouldn’t work, without our minds working with them. Maybe you have a fantasy, or, been really thinking about doing something, but, your to embarrassed, or, ashamed to mention it. As long as we sit down, discus it, come to am agreement, then, whatever we do, is fine. The key words, are, safe, sane, and, consensul. I’m here to help you explore. There’s nothing wrong, with an incest, or, rape fantasy. If you have always wanted to enact that kind of thing, don’t be apprehensive. The res nothing wrong, its fantasy, role play. Yes, actually doing those things would be wrong,

One thing, I love to do, and, I’m amazing at, is, to serve you orally. If you enjoy, receiving, oral sex, or, want me to polish the knob, suck the chrome of a trailer hitch, do like hoover, and, suck, or all of the above, and, then some more, well, you have come to the right lady for sure! I am an oral genius, and, have skills, that have taken years to perfect. Please, remember, not to mention services over the phone.The call, is only time d, place, and questions, save for the encounter, and, just know, this will be a highly pleasurable experience! but, don’t

12/08/2015….Hey there friends. I thought I would add to my fun and fave things to do. So, lately, I’ve been really working on my health, diet, and, taking care of myself. Being in this industry, gives me access to lots of things, that aren’t great for my health. I’ve never been a drinker, quit smoking over 5 yrs ago. I decided to quit all the lil party favors. Went on a liquid detox, a challenge at Jamba Juice. Right now, I’m drinking organic Cayenne lemonade, its ok, theres some very green drinks. Anyway, cleanses you at the cellular level. I wont go into detail, but, it really cleanses you. Part of the challenge was a exercise plan. I’ve started Pilates, I already rode a bike…..What does this have to do with your sex life………….IT HAS A LOT TO DO WITH IT!

I have lost 30lbs, I have more confidence, my skin is so clear, my ankles are so slim and sexy. I have lots of stamina, My sex drive is off the hook, and, Ive become extremely multi orgasmic!

Don’t worry, I lost nothing off my fat ass. Just crazy, its the only part of me that seems to be a permanent fixture! Now, I think about ridin you, when, I ride my bike….even the seat feels great! I can take a short ride, car and people all around me, while im comin over and over. Its very erotic.

I seem to have a renewed and more intense desire to please and be pleased. Its a new time of self exploration for me. I still just adore sucking cock, and, lately, I come from only that, you come from my mouth, gets me so soaking wet. All i gotta do is a few kegels, and, im moaning, and drooling all over your cock.Gettin healthy is gettin me off.!

Ive always really enjoyed role play, being an older woman, I find it very erotic and stimulating, playing the older woman, seducing the poor suspecting young man…best friends Mom, step mom, neighbor, even Mommy fantasy is is the best. I am really very creative and nasty…what a combination. Whatever it is, I want to fulfill those desire.




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3 thoughts on “Some Of the Things, I enjoy, During our Playdate!

  1. Lucas

    Hey my name is lucas and i seen your add on backpage before and i gotta say you caught my eye fast. Let ne know when youll be in the chula,vista area again id like to shedule an appointment for your company


  2. As I have said in emails to you, please let me know when you will be in the Santa Cruz area again. I talked to you on every some time ago and you mentioned you stayed at the Ramada. Major remodeling there now. If your return is imminent pick another place.


  3. Well, I sent you a few e mails, telling you how to get a hold of me, and, I got no response. Unfortunately, I’m no longer in the so bay. Please, check your e mail darling, and, contact me the way I requested. right now, you are speaking to me publicly, on my web site, for the world to look in on us. I don’t mind, in fact, publicly airing your sexual desires, and, my very hot responses to you, for the world to see sounds like some, very inappropriate way to communicate! or, send it in a private email, like I have to you


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