Massage, Full Body, Prostate, and, Theraputic


I am also extremely knowledgeable, about massage, and, have studies, many different methods, for healing, erotic pleasure, pain relief, and, most of all healing. I have a very sensitive and healing touch. I am able to sense, and, help you to clear, energy blockages, allowing, your chi, to flow freely, and, restore your body to the natural, balance, and, energy flow that is our natural state of health.

I have studied, Chinese cupping, which is a wonderful way to access deep tissue, and, to bring blood flow, and, cleanse, areas of the body’s tissue that can not be done with hands alone. Another very healing form of massage, is the use of hot rocks. These natural river rocks, are heated, to a temperature, that’s hot enough to help assist with painful injuries, by, opening blood vessels, and, assisting the body with natural healing. Please, mention, if you are interested, in anything i mention prior to out time together, so, I can be prepared to meet all your needs

Prostate Massage, is something, I’ve done quite a bit of research on this past year. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause, of death of men in the USA. Our men are also getting younger and younger. where countries like Japan, prostate cancer, is almost unheard of. The difference between those countries, and, US? They have practiced, natural forms of massage, and, other natural therapies, for thousands of years. Where, in western medicine, our practitioners, are not taught those techniques, and, we wait for symptoms, only to treat out men with toxic medication, that, could leave you impotent, sterile, and, we are also very quick, to surgically remove the prostate.

Here is a link, to an amazing website, that really has  answers, to many, if not all your questions. You will also find out the many amazing function your prostate has on your health. Its an amazing part of every man, and, needs care just like the rest of our body, in order to stay healthy. There are many suggestions, free information about your prostate. what you need it for, how, it can affect you, and, impact your life, even kill you! How to keep it healthy, and, what steps to take if your prostate is enlarged, infected.  Men, you owe it to yourselves, and, your young sons, and grandsons, to educate yourself on this very serious subject. Click below, to subscribe to this site, and, find out how to save your life!

Prostate Therapy Massage for a Healthy Prostate

Then, come to see me for a very enjoyable kind of prostate massage, the key to the most intense orgasm a man can have. That’s why its called the male g spot.. Trust me, not only will this be an amazingly pleasurable experience, and, is very good for your health too!

2 thoughts on “Massage, Full Body, Prostate, and, Theraputic

  1. Robert Shoemaker

    Sandra you are so Beautiful and so sexy! I would love to be able to get together with you you are exactly what I have been looking for I am a 50yo white man who is 7 feet tall and I am wondering if you would allow me the utmost encounter with you I would love to enjoy your body for the use rest of the new night I want to enjoy all of you,


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