Gifts are not necessary or required, but, always brighten up my day, and, many of My Gentlemen friends, have no idea, what kind of things that I really love. I’m really a simple lady, and, not into material trinkets, but, there are a few things that are simple, and, inexpensive, that, I adore, and, some other things, that are rather extravagant, that I only dream of. Here are a few of both………

  1. Red and Pink roses
  2. good quality milk chocolate
  3. Gift certificate to Barnes and nobles
  4. Amazon gift cards
  5. Mac cosmetics gift cards
  6. Macys gift cards
  7. Mastercard/visa giftcards
  8. my wishlist
  9. And so you know, my shoe size is 10, dress size is 20, or, 3x. Feel free to bring me anything special you’d like me to wear. I especially like stocking, garter belts, that vintage kind of look suits me well
  10. MY CAR

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